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State to launch employment, empowerment strategy


GOVERNMENT will soon launch an employment and empowerment strategy that will create decent jobs for youths in the country.
Minister of Sports and Youth Chishimba Kambwili said the strategy will also provide land for youths as a way of encouraging them to engage in agriculture.
Mr Kambwili has since directed provincial permanent secretaries to identify youths and allocate them land for agricultural purposes.
He said Government has also taken over the mwange refugee centre and turned it into a youth resource centre where young people will be given lifelong skills that will sustain them.
Mr Kambwili who was speaking during ‘Radio Phoenix’s let the people talk programme’ said “we have 3 acres of land and will give out 570 plots to youths so that we encourage them to engage in agriculture because farming is the backbone of this nation.”
He added that the youth empowerment fund will soon be turned into a bank where youths will be getting decent loans from.
Mr Kambwili is however dismayed that youths from provincial centres are the only ones benefiting from the youth empowerment funds.
He said youth fund is meant for all youths regardless of the area one comes from.
“Last week I was angered when I discovered that only youths from provincial areas were the ones benefiting from the youth empowerment fund,” Mr Kambwili said.
And he has since maintained that Government will not hand over the Commonwealth Centre to University of Zambia management.
Mr Kambwili said the Commonwealth Centre which is affiliated to Commonwealth London gave the Government of Zambia the mandate to run the affairs of the centre on its behalf.

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