State lauds Asphalt Zambia

GOVERNMENT has commended Asphalt Zambia Limited for completing over 95 percent of road works in Kabwe.
And Kabwe district commissioner Patrick Chishala is happy that shop owners in the area painted their shops ahead of the golden Jubilee independence anniversary celebrations last Friday.
Mr Chishala said residents of Kabwe have been complaining over the past few months that Asphalt Zambia Limited is delaying to complete road works.
In 2012, Government awarded a K165.8 million contract to Asphalt Zambia to rehabilitate and upgrade to bituminous standard a stretch of 34 kilometres of selected township roads in Kabwe and Kapiri Mposhi.
“Three months ago, we assured the people that Asphalt Zambia Limited was going to complete the roads by October. They have done about 95 percent of the roads and what is remaining are just some final touches,” Mr Chishala said.
He is happy that the outlook of Kabwe has changed following the tarring of roads
Mr Chishala is, however, concerned that road traffic accidents are on the increase because some motorists are overspeeding on the newly tarred roads while others are ignoring road signs
“The number of road accidents has gone up because people are not obeying road signs. Government is saddened that people are being killed and injured in these road accidents,”   Mr Chishala said
Meanwhile, Mr Chishala has commended shop owners in Kabwe for painting their properties ahead of the golden Jubilee independence anniversary celebrations, which fell last Friday.
Over the past 10 to 15 years, most shops in Kabwe looked dirty because the structures were not painted while the surroundings were unkempt.
“It was not even possible to rank us in any way in the country. So, when I got into the office I started striving to see if we could get to a status that would put us somewhere,” Mr Chishala said.

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