State keen to expand vocational training facilities

GOVERNMENT has committed to expanding educational and vocational training facilities to absorb all school-leavers to enhance job creation in Southern Province and the country as

a whole.
Southern Province permanent secretary Sibanze Simuchoba said young people should take advantage of the training opportunities in the province to get into entrepreneurial enterprise management ventures.
“Much as many would like to be employed in the formal sector, it is the wish of Government that young people become self-employed,” he said.
Mr Simuchoba was speaking here during the launch of the tourism and hospitality short training course dubbed ‘Promoting tourism and hospitality through sustainable quality vocational and entrepreneurship Training’ at the Livingstone Institute of Business and Engineering Studies (LIBES).
“Trainees should not rush into job hunting as it usually ends in disappointment and frustration, but instead seek advice on how they can form partnerships and cooperatives for possible support and funding by Government,” Mr Simuchoba said.
He said the training opportunities offered at LIBES would promote Government’s agenda for tourism development.
Mr Simuchoba said Livingstone as Zambia’s tourist capital needs such training opportunities to empower young people with life skills.
And speaking earlier, LIBES principal Thomas Kalantiya said the short courses were introduced for learners to effectively participate in the development of Livingstone through entrepreneurship and ensure direct entry into the existing labour market.
LIBES has subsidised the courses by up to 60 percent of the actual cost and that some courses are as low as K100.
And Livingstone Tourism Association (LTA) board chairman Alexander Mutali said the training programmes are timely as Zambia is facing a critical challenge of high unemployment levels among youths.
Mr Mutali said skills development is a passage to prosperity and personal improvement.

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