State to give farmers ‘uhuru’ awards

GOVERNMENT will award farmers who have made significant contribution to the agriculture sector.
The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock will award from each province three farmers who have made substantial contribution to the growth of the country through agriculture.
The ministry will also honour 10 individuals from across the country that have outstanding performance and have played a noteworthy role in agricultural development.
The government has, therefore, requested the Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU) to submit names of farmers from each province to receive Golden Jubilee medals during the 50th independence anniversary for their role in agriculture.
Those to be awarded from each province must have outstanding performance and have made significant contributions to the agricultural production and food security in crop, livestock or fisheries.
This is according to a statement by ZNFU.
“The government, through the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, has requested the ZNFU to submit names of farmers,” the statement reads.
ZNFU says the nominations must give an account of distinguished service, innovation, outstanding performance, and the years such an individual has been in production or service.

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