State exploring other water sources in Malole

GOVERNMENT has started assessing possibilities of finding a cheaper source of providing safe and clean water in Chief Chitimukulu’s area in Malole constituency.
A team of experts from the Ministry of Mines, Energy and Water Development’s water affairs department on Saturday conducted physical checks in the area and disclosed that there are possibilities of either putting up a mini water treatment plant or exploiting ground water sources.
Principal hydrologist Albert Chomba who led the team said Government has embarked on the assessment following a report of shortage of clean and safe water in the area.
“We came here to find out the water situation in Chief Chitimukulu’s area. It was reported that this area has water problems. The residents mostly use hand-dug wells which are prone to waterborne diseases,” Mr Chomba said.
He said there is a lot of water flowing in streams that can be put to good use in the provision of safe and clean water to over 3,000 people in Chief Chitimukulu’s area.
“We thought of looking at the situation and see how best we can make use of these available water sources,” Mr Chomba said.
He said setting up a centralised water supply scheme is one of the options, but at the moment they cannot say if it is the probable solution.
Mr Chomba said there are 500 households which will benefit from the provision of safe and clean water through the modern sources.
“According to our assessment the community has over 500 households with a population of over 3,000 which might be ideal for a mini-water treatment plant or rather centralised water supply scheme,” he said.
Mr Chomba said Government will also look at the ground water source which can also give adequate water.
He said groundwater source is the cheaper way of providing safe and clean water.

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