State to embark on vaccination drive

GOVERNMENT is targeting to vaccinate over seven million animals by September next year to prevent the spread of various diseases.
This development is aimed at saving animals from dying from preventable diseases.
Minister of Livestock and Fisheries Greyford Moonde said in an interview recently that six million chickens will be vaccinated against New Castle disease which is the most common in killing chickens.
Over one million cattle will be vaccinated against the Foot and mouth disease, 350,000 and 130 against contagious bovine pleuropneumonia and East coast fever.
“These are deadly diseases and if not well dealt with can wipe out our animals,” Mr Moonde said.
He said Government also intends to create disease free zones by putting up fences in areas where there are national parks as some diseases come from animals in national parks because there are no demarcations.
Animals in parks are never vaccinated.
“For us to get to zero diseases, we need to fence off parks or areas where animals are found to prevent them from contracting diseases,” Mr Moonde said.
Mr Moonde said there is also need to strengthen markings on animals so that they can be traced back to their area of origin in case of disease outbreak.
“These markings will enable us trace the owner of the animals in case of a disease outbreak and animal movement is restricted,” he said.
He said it is only through such measures that the country will be able to increase production in the livestock sector.

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