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State dismisses Zukas stance

GOVERNMENT says it is unfair and unfortunate remarks attributed to former Minister of Agriculture Simon Zukas that the countrywide road projects are for political gain and not economic benefits.
According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Information Broadcasting Services in Lusaka yesterday, Government says it is surprising that such a “misleading and misplaced” statement can come from a former Cabinet minister.
This is response to media reports in which Mr Zukas is quoted as having said that the road projects are for political gain.
“One wonders whether Mr Zukas is now telling the nation that the MMD in which he served was politicking whenever it built a school, road or hospital.
“If they were not politicking, why should they say we are politicking when we are building the road from Mongu to Kalabo, when we now have a tarred road from Solwezi all the way to Chavuma, indeed when we have embarked on a robust road construction programme under the Link Zambia 8000,” the statement reads.
It also states that Government finds it unfortunate that a former Cabinet minister can choose to mislead the nation by divorcing infrastructure development from economic development.
The statement states that every well-meaning Zambian is able to clearly see that road constructions have no benefits other than economic ones to Zambians.
It states that Mr Zukas ought to know that the ongoing road construction projects the Patriotic Front (PF) government has embarked on are not an afterthought but premised on the party’s manifesto.

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