State committed to workers’ interests – Shamenda

MINISTER of Labour and Social Security Fackson Shamenda says Government will next year reform five pieces of legislation to protect workers from exploitation.
Speaking when he officiated at the Induction Service for Reverend Christopher Chishala Yamba of the United Church of Zambia (UCZ) St. Andrews congregation in Ndola yesterday, Mr Shamenda said the government is committed to protecting the interests of workers.
“God willing, next year there will be a law which will not allow casualisation and employing a person on permanent basis once the first contract expires,’’ Mr Shamenda said.
And UCZ Copperbelt Bishop Sydney Sichilima said the introduction of the minimum wage will help to promote social justice in communities.
“God Almighty is usually on the side of the poor,’’ Bishop Sichilima said.
And Mr Shamenda said other laws to be formulated will allow workers to leave employment without giving reasons while the employer will be required to give reasons for terminating someone’s contract.
The minister thanked the UCZ congregation for the immense support rendered to Government in various areas of human endeavour.
“The United Church of Zambia has been instrumental in spreading the Word of God, provision of education, health and other services to our citizens in this great nation,’’ Mr Shamenda said.
He appealed to Rev Yamba to understand that each congregation has its own dynamics.
“My humble appeal to you is that you should be focused and let the Lord guide you in everything in your journey. The church is the home for everyone regardless of colour, tribe, race or political affiliation,’’ Mr Shamenda said.
He also urged the congregation to support Rev Yamba in his newly acquired pastoral duties.
Mr Shamenda is also happy that St. Andrews UCZ congregation in Ndola will soon launch Chimwemwe radio station.
Earlier, Bishop Sichilima commended Government for its commitment to improving the state of roads on the Copperbelt.
“Regardless of our political affiliation and language, we are ‘one Zambia, one nation’. Zambia has been peaceful and we pray that peace will be preserved in the years to come,’’ Bishop Sichilima said.

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