State commits to pay contractors

GOVERNMENT has commended contractors for exhibiting patience by carrying out projects despite delays in paying them.
Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure permanent secretary Charles Mushota said although most contractors had not been paid their dues, they still performed well in their projects and only 10 to 15 percent of these projects were terminated.
In an interview last week, Mr Mushota assured contractors that Government would honour the dues in full by the end of this quarter.
He, however, said the termination of the projects is still a drawback on Government and the economy as people are still unable to access services from the facilities.
“As Government, we will remain committed to ensuring that the construction industry in Zambia grows and in order to do this, we will continue to award projects to both the small and medium contractors in the country,” he said.
Mr Mushota said the K120 million that Government released towards the end of last year could not pay all the owed contractors.
“A number of projects in various districts had slowed down in the course of last year due to the K190 million that Government owed to the contractors. The Ministry of Finance released K120 million and most contractors were cleared and they resumed works,” he said.

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