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Starved hubby wants out

A HUSBAND of Mansa has sued his wife of 25 years for divorce on grounds that she has been denying him his conjugal rights for eleven months now.
Patrick Kabuswe has sued Miriam Bwalya, with whom he has four children, in the Mansa local court.

Kabuswe told senior local court magistrate Leontina Zaloumis that when he married Miriam, all was well in their marriage not until she started frequenting bars.

He claimed that Miriam stopped performing her duties as a wife and would always be in bars drinking beer.
“When I married my wife, our stay was okay not until last December when she started going in bars and would come back home drunk,” he said.
Kabuswe said his wife also denies him his conjugal rights and that from December last year, the two have never been intimate.
He said he has also been receiving information from his informers that his wife is often seen in ..

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