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Stanley Banda: Aiming to make living through basketball

AS Zambia prepares to host the 2017 Africa Youth Championship, attention has shifted to the organisation of the event.
Government, as the major stakeholder, has set its sight on ensuring the under-20 youth tournament gets all the support it needs ranging from financial to technical.
On the other hand, it is business as usual for other sports disciplines.
The Olympic Youth Development Centre (OYDC) has remained a hive of activity for many other sports disciplines although few athletes are aware about the biggest continental youth football tournament the country is hosting in 16 days’ time.
Stanley Banda, a basketball player who spends most of his time at OYDC, is partially aware about the CAF championship.
“I have heard about the African football youth championship, but I don’t have much details. Despite that, I will be there to support my football colleagues,” he says.
Stanley is one of the many athletes trying to make a living through sport.
He believes his involvement in sport will help him achieve his academic dream that has been halted due to financial constraints.
Stanley was born on November 30, 2000 and lives with his parents in Lusaka’s Sos township.
He wrote his grade seven examinations last year and managed to get a full certificate but is currently not in school due to financial constraints.
Through basketball, Stanley believes he could raise funds or manage a scholarship that will help him continue with his education.
He has ambitions of becoming a doctor.
“I want to study medicine but my major challenge now is sponsorship to complete my secondary school. My parents cannot afford to cater for all my school needs, that is why I am hoping I could find sponsorship through sport,” he says.
Stanley started playing basketball in 2015 through his frequent visits to OYDC.
Before he decided to start playing basketball, he only used to go to OYDC to pass time after school until he met his current coach Nicolas Phiri.
Phiri introduced him to the sport.
He currently plays for Mapoloto Basketball team based at OYDC and plays position seven.
Mapoloto competes in the Teulings Youth Sport Challenge and Stanley is one of the regular members of the team.
He wants to play professional basketball in South Africa once established.
Stanley also believes he has the capacity to compete for a slot in the national youth team and eventually the main national team.
“I know most people think it is only football that can earn an athlete a decent career in sport but I believe all sports disciplines have the potential. I will utilise my basketball talent to make a positive change in my life,” he says.
His coach Nicolas Phiri is his role model.
Apart from his unique basketball skill, Phiri also mentors Stanley in many areas of life.
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