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Stabbed man leaves wife

A THIRTY-TWO -YEAR- OLD man of Jack township has deserted his home after his wife allegedly stabbed him with a knife.
Dester Songolo has pleaded with the Chawama Local Court to grant the couple divorce because he is scared of losing his life.
He told the court that his wife, Abigail Songolo, has on three occasions threatened to stab him.
“Whenever we quarrel, she gets a kitchen knife and threatens to stab me. I can no longer sleep peacefully because I am scared of losing my life. Last time I woke up and found her with a knife,” Dester said.
He says his wife is violent and jealous to the extent that she monitors all his phone calls.
Dester told the court that he has lost love for Abigail and that he can no longer live with her

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