SREE injects $100,000 in fruit, veg

SREE Plc has set aside US$100,000 to start growing fruits and vegetables in Ndola to create commercially sustainable agriculture and agribusiness ventures.
The objective of the project is to increase fruit and vegetable production through irrigation to meet ever-increasing demand within the country.

According to an environmental and social impact statement submitted by the company to the Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) and obtained by the Daily Mail on Tuesday, the project is aimed at contributing to the strengthening of food security.
“Sree Plc envisages undertaking the project using a five-year implementation plan. The total project investment budgeted for the development, implementation and operation of the project is US$100,000. The firm has been involved in the support and development of the agriculture sector with successful investment portfolios in Mauritius and India,” the report reads.
It says the project will be implemented using a phased approach with initial construction and operation works that will commence in the second and third quarters of 2017 upon obtaining approval from relevant regulatory authorities.
The report also notes that through the project, support will be given to emergent commercial and small-scale farmers to increase productivity.
“The project will create employment, increase revenue for local people and authorities as well as enhanced use of land which has been idle for some time,” the report reads.
It also indicates that a storage shed that incorporates a warehouse for seed, fertiliser and agro-chemical storage is already in place.


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