Letter to the Editor

Sports personalities should invest wisely

Dear editor,
IN THIS age and era, sport of various disciplines has become a source of livelihood.
This is because the players endowed with talents in football, boxing, athletics, tennis, chess and rugby, among others can make money whether they are in formal employment or not.
One thing for a fact is that sport is a short lived career as anything can happen such as fatal injury which can render the player out of action for life.
In view of the above mentioned, it therefore becomes imperative for these sports personalities to plan for their future by investing wisely in income generating ventures.
Investment will help sustain their lives even if they retire from active sports.
However, they can invest in businesses such as agribusiness, real estate, transport and in shares at the Lusaka Stock Exchange (LUSE), among other viable sectors.
There have been moments where some sports personalities are reduced to beggars or rather become destitute after retiring from sports disciplines such as football and boxing for instance.
The late boxing legend Chisanda Mutti and former Zambia National Soccer Team defender, Elijah Litana is the case in point of the sportsmen who became destitute after their respective careers.
Sports personalities should therefore invest their money in income generating ventures.
Now is the right time to avoid any regret in future, long after they retire from their respective sports careers.

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