Sponsor sport in schools, companies told


SOUTHERN Province Minister Edify Hamukale says lack of sponsorship of sports in schools has contributed to the country’s poor performance in

various disciplines at international level.
Hamukale said it is important that corporate institutions rise to the occasion and start sponsoring various sports in schools, especially those in rural areas to rejuvenate the country’s lost glory in sporting activities.
He said this in Monze on Thursday when he donated footballs to Bana Kaila Primary School and the community that there is untapped talent in schools which can contribute positively at national level.
“There is a lot of talent in these schools but we have neglected it. It is my appeal that corporate institutions once again begin to support sports in schools like it used to be in the past. Our future football players and sports athletes lie in these young people,” Hamukale said.
He said the Ministry of General Education supports sports in all schools but it needs backing from other stakeholders to revamp competition in learning institutions.
Hamukale said schools are best places to identify talent that could be used in the future.
He said most schools in Southern Province have a lot of talented learners but their skills are not appreciated due to lack of sponsorship.
And Bana Kaila Primary School headteacher Columbus Kabilika said the institution has a lot of talented and dedicated pupils who could contribute to the development of sports at national level if identified and supported.

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