Letter to the Editor

There are no spiritual husbands, please!

Dear editor,
I WOULD like to comment on the issue of spiritual husbands.
This weird phenomenon has taken root in Zambia within the Pentecostal Movement and is being used by some morally bankrupt ‘men of God’ to sexually abuse women and girls under the guise of deliverance.
Recently Bishop Conrad Mbewe of Lusaka dismissed the teaching as nonsense.
Bishop Mbewe, through the Family Matters column in the Sunday Mail, gave an insightful explanation on why the teaching is so nonsensical.
I am surprised at how easy it has become to deceive Zambians by anyone calling themselves ‘man of God’ no matter how unbiblical their terachings and practices may be.
I totally agree with Bishop Mbewe that the whole teaching that women who have spiritual problems should blame spiritual husbands even when these women have been living in sin.
Instead of helping these women to repent and lead godly lifestyles the cheats have been telling them that it is their spiritual husbands who are responsible for their problems.
These women are told that they need deliverance from the spiritual husbands and end up being raped or defiled under the guise of deliverance.
This teaching is unbiblical. It is a product of the brand of Christianity imported into Zambia from Western Africa.
It is a blend of Chritian teachings and West African spiritualism. Superstitious
Beliefs based on tradition have been blended with portions of Christian teachings. This ‘cocktail’ Christianity has been imported into our country by West African preachers, most of who believe in the immortality of the human soul.
Remember Satan told Eve that God had told her and Adam that he day they would eat of the forbidden tree “you shall surely not die”.
But God had told them “you shall surely die”. Satan has perpetuated that lie through spiritualistic teachings including the spiritual husband nonsense.

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