Speculations and mob justice: Menace on public safety, security

SPECULATIONS are constructed around unauthenticated information. In the context of public policing, rumours normally lead to erroneous perceptions and breach of public order or peace.
In the past few weeks, the country has witnessed some episodes of public disorder in Chingola district of Copperbelt Province.
The subsequent reports of people being hacked by criminals in Chingola are coupled with various rumours or speculations mostly via social media.
Some individuals are posting images and audios that do not even relate to the happenings on the Copperbelt.
Despite the Zambia Police periodic updates to the public on community safety and security in Chingola, we have witnessed some lootings and cases of mob justice to the extent that innocent people have fallen victims.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/