Speak positively about Zambia

VICE-PRESIDENT Mutale Nalumango’s sentiment that the country needs healing for everyone to speak positively about Zambia so that God can bless the country is worth taking seriously.
Undeniably, there is a spirit of negative publicity where a day does not pass without anyone posting damaging comments about the country on social media.
Mrs Nalumango is justified in calling for healing because no-one can make things better for Zambia apart from the citizens.
“We curse our country too often even after we have prayed,” she said. “When you pray and come out and say ‘chino chalo chalitipwa’ [this country is cursed], God is hearing. Say good things about your country in your prayers,” Mrs Nalumango said.
She said this on Friday evening when she graced the Courts of Heaven Conference and Prayer Summit Africa Edition organised by Francis Myles International Global Ministries of the United States of America.
“We need unity in our land, it can be unity in diversity,” the Vice-President said.
It is unfortunate that many young people who have found their voices on various issues affecting the nation, particularly politics, have taken their freedom of opinion and expression too far.
Many people on social media cannot comment on an issue affecting the nation without drifting into vile language about their country.
In fact, anything they comment on, even if it is non-political, has to end with a curse on Zambia.
Freedom of opinion and expression also demands a level of responsibility where individuals are expected to be mindful of the damage their negative views on a matter can cause to a society.
While criticism is healthy in a democratic dispensation, citizens have a duty to safeguard the integrity of the country.
Any country depends on a positive image about it to woo foreign investment, which contributes to the development of the country.
Zambia is known to be a peaceful country. Many countries in the southern region have found sanctuary in the country’s harmony, without which they would not have better fought for their political independence.
Let’s not destroy this reputation our forefathers worked so hard to earn. Besides, negative remarks about the country all the time have the potential to bring tension in society because people have different opinions about issues obtaining at a given time.
We appeal to netizens to desist from posting destructive comments which have a tendency to make the country lose investor confidence.
It is everyone’s responsibility to make the country a better place to live in. Politicians can only do so much but the onus is on citizens to build a country into a better place they want not only by criticising leaders but working hard to supplement their efforts.
The things that people often complain about on social media about Zambia cannot be solved by outsiders but through concerted effort by every individual in a position to make a contribution to the country’s economy.
Indeed, as the Vice-President noted, the country needs unity in diversity so that our reputation as a peaceful people is maintained before the outside world.
We urge the Church to continue praying for healing in the country because without it, negative energy will take precedence over good judgement on matters affecting the nation.
People should put trust in the new dawn government to improve the economy for things to get better. Cursing the country for the biting economy will not help matters.
We need to speak well about the country so that God can also pour His blessings upon Zambia.