Letter to the Editor

Spate of robberies rock East

Dear editor,
BARELY two months in 2020, Eastern Province has had a spate of robberies. On January 26 in Nabvutika Township in Chipata, armed robbers got away with money and valuables worth K488,500.
Ten days later, on February 6, a Zambian national of Asian origin in Chipata was robbed by men armed with an AK 47 rifle around 11:00 hours as he was going to a bank to deposit  K200,000.
Four days later, on February 10, in Lumezi, armed people robbed and raped two women.
This trend is worrying.  The police should step up security and patrols in our neighbourhoods. In addition to this, the business community has to be educated on the risks of keeping large amounts of money at their business premises and homes.
An active working toll-free emergency number should be provided and clearly displayed in all business premises that work around the clock.
I also propose that vehicles leaving and entering the province should be registered and checked in the system to find out if they were involved in criminal activities elsewhere.
The public should be involved in the fight against crime by reporting any suspicious activity or individuals to the police.  The police should also treat each tip received seriously and professionally.
Banks should provide armoured trucks or security to anyone intending to deposit large amounts of cash.  It is better to be safe than to be sorry.

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