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Spare ZESCO the blushes

Dear Editor
ZESCO is currently the most unpopular company because of its on-going load shedding programme countrywide.
For citizens not used to loadshedding, the black-out being experienced countrywide has caught many by surprise.
Yet, the power utility advised people in good time about the power management programme in view of the low water levels in our rivers and lakes arising from the poor rainfall in the 2014-2015 season.
And Zesco is surely not responsible for the water levels in the country’s water reservoirs.
Instead of complaining about the power outages, it is time for change of mindset and moving on.
Citizens should consider investing in solar power to beat the outages.
Zambia is one of the sunniest countries in Africa and citizens should tap into this free, yet inevitable God-given resource.
For entrepreneurs or business-minded people, now is the time to cash in by investing in power generation devices and supply to people in need of power.
Let us learn from the current load shedding to arm ourselves and move on.
Criticising ZESCO will not yield anything.
ZESCO sympathiser