Letter to the Editor

Soweto marketeers must clean own mess

Dear editor,
THE appeal by marketeers at the New Soweto Market to the Government to unblock drainages is not only ridiculous but irresponsible.
Firstly, the Government did not throw the garbage that has blocked the drainages.
It is the same marketeers who have been recklessly throwing litter into the drainages causing blockage.
The K2 they pay to Lusaka City Council towards solid waste management cannot be an excuse for throwing garbage anywhere even when there are designated disposal points.
This is the irresponsible behaviour among citizens that is frustrating the ‘Make Zambia Clean, Green and Healthy’ campaign.
We Zambians must change our mindset if we are to become a prosperous middle-income country by 2030.
There have been cases of people vandalising water supply pipes causing leakages and then condemning the supplier for interruption.
LCC should not heed the calls by those New Soweto marketeers to unblock the drainages.
Let their leaders mobilse them to remove the litter they have been throwing there.

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