‘South health delivery a government priority’

MINISTER of Health Chitalu Chilufya.

PRESIDENT Lungu’s administration has prioritised and delivered health projects in Southern Province in a manner never seen before, Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya has said.

And Government has deployed 732 new health workers to the province in line with its policy of ensuring all citizens have access to quality health care services.
Dr Chilufya said here on Saturday that Government is determined to ensure equitable distribution of health projects and services in the region.
“I want to emphasise that the government of President Lungu has prioritised and has delivered health projects in Southern Province in a manner not seen before and what we are doing now is consolidating what has been invested in the past and making sure that we patch up,” he said.
Dr Chilufya said under President Lungu’s administration, 80 percent of the 99 health posts allocated to the province have been completed and operationalised.
Southern Province was allocated 99 out of the 650 health post, the largest number of health centres to be given to any region in the country.
He said the province has a number of new first-level hospitals at Kazungula, Kalomo, Namwala and Gwembe and all of them are complete.
Dr Chilufya said Government has also upgraded Livingstone General Hospital to a central hospital status and is now offering health training programmes.
He said Government has also found a partner to renovate the old hospital at Choma General Hospital and build children’s ward.
Dr Chilufya said the province was the first to have a Medical Stores Limited (MSL) regional drug store hub.
He said Government is working with a partner to build a multi-purpose medical hub for MSL to reinforce the existing one as part of its plan to decentralise the operations of MSL.
Meanwhile, Government has deployed 732 new health personnel to Southern Province who include doctors, nurses and environmental health technologists.
And Southern Province deputy permanent secretary Douglas Ngimbu appealed to Dr Chilufya to secure a backup generator at Choma General and renovate the institution’s old building.


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