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South gets 5 more days for NRC registration

GOVERNMENT has extended the issuance of national registration cards (NRCs) for five days in Southern Province due to a shortage of registration materials at some polling stations.
Minister of Home Affairs Davies Mwila told Parliament in a ministerial statement yesterday that the extension is aimed at ensuring that eligible Zambians are given the opportunity to register and to obtain NRCs.
This was in response to a point of order by Monze member of Parliament (MP) Jack Mwiimbu (UPND) on the shortage of registration materials in the on-going mobile issuance of NRCs in Southern Province.
The minister said Government has acknowledged that there is a shortage of materials at Ikumbi, Mulamfu, and Mabombo in Kalomo and Katimbo in Kazungula district polling stations.
“Government does not discriminate in the issuance of NRCs.
“To the contrary, the government seeks to serve all Zambians to the best of its ability.
“And as far as NRCs are concerned, Government wishes to make this important identity document available to every eligible Zambian,” he said.
Mr Mwila said Southern Province has been given 144,000 blank green NRCs since August 2015, against the targeted 80,000 people.
He said Government is happy that 113,492 people were issued with NRCs supplied to Southern Province.
Mr Mwila said this shows that the province has a balance of about 30,508 blank cards, adding that the shortage of registration materials was as a result of the field vehicles which developed mechanical problems.
this took over five days to rectify.
He said it is not Government’s policy to discriminate against any eligible Zambian on religion or political affiliation.
Mr Mwila appealed to opposition MPs to desist from issuing inflammatory statements that promote divisions rather than unity in the country.

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