Letter to the Editor

SOS for teachers at private school

Dear editor;
With the coming to power of the P.F, as teachers in government schools,  we have  enjoyed the good policies of government.
The government of the late president Mr Michael Sata (MHSRIP) has done a lot to promote the welfare of teachers in the government sector.
However, the opposite is true about the private sector..
This brings to mind the agony and pain our friends in the private sector are going through.
Here in Chililabombwe our fellow teachers at a once prominent private school have gone without salaries for some time now.
The issues are further complicated as the man at the helm of the affairs is a teacher and a pastor.
I would like to make a humble appeal to the share-holders of the school to call an emergency meeting before the school crumbles.
Please do something as the people who chose to oversee the affairs of the school are only interested in oiling their pockets.
They meet each month to talk about nothing but to get sitting allowances for doing nothing.
The share-holders should act quickly before their structure becomes a white elephant.
Concerned parent

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