Letter to the Editor

Sort out marital problems away from social media

Dear editor,
I HAVE always told people that marriage is not a community project that needs everyone’s input. Marriage is between two people, who should respect it if they want people to respect their union.
We only get the respect that we give out and it’s the same thing with marriage. Wisdom demands that people that are married have the ability to sort out their problems without involving social media. If they can’t sort their issues out, there are always people that a couple can run to and seek counsel.
People that are married should try as much as they can not to allow external influence on their marriage.
There are always people that a couple can look up to and allow to speak to them and into their marriage, and it’s certainly not everyone.
Let us be mindful of social media and appreciate it for what it ought to be used for and not to wash dirty linen in public.
Let us give marriage the respect that it deserves and we will enjoy being in it.

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