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‘Sons of the Devil’ sent to jail

TWO men linked to the notorious “Sons of the Devil” gang in Kitwe have been sentenced to 10 years imprisonment each with hard labour for aggravated assault.
Kitwe High Court judge-in-charge Timothy Katanekwa sentenced the duo on Tuesday after finding them guilty of aggravated assault with intent to steal.
This is in a case Alfred Mumba and Evans Chola, both of Buchi township, were jointly charged with aggravated assault.
On October 20, 2017 in Kitwe, while acting together with other unknown people and armed with bottles, Mumba and Chola assaulted Masiye Daka so that they could steal from her.
The duo hit Ms Daka with a bottle on her forehead in a bid to grab money from her, but they failed to do so because her bra was CLICK TO READ MORE

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