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Son posts touching tribute on Facebook

Mubanga Gerald Chanda Sata, far right, with President Sata and other family members.

I SPOKE to you yesterday, you told me you would be going back to Zambia on Friday because you needed to work, you asked me to come and see you as early as 06:00 hours, you called me at 20:00 hours to say Goodnight.

You asked me if I had brushed my teeth and if I had done my studies, you asked me what shoe size I am because you wanted to buy me a new pair of shoes, you laughed at me on phone saying am a lazy chap and need to wake up at 03:00hrs to study, you said to me Goodnight my son I love you and always will love you.
A few minutes later you sent me a Text Saying Please don’t forget to come and see me by 06 :00 hours you and I were supposed to have breakfast, Lunch and supper together it would have been a daddy and son day today..
So I got up today got ready and waited to be picked up to come and meet you, I reached were you are , everyone else was sad, but I smiled to them and laughed, I said were is my Daddy, no body answered me,
I looked for mommy couldn’t see her, I looked for you but I was not told were you are till I saw Mom come out from that room looking very sad and crying, I know mom to be a very strong woman but today I saw her cry, she hugged me and told me you have Gone to be with God, you have gone to a Better place, a Place where you will not suffer no more a place where you will rest peacefully, she told me you told her to tell me to take care of her.
But Daddy I still can’t believe you are gone, I have no purpose to live anymore, you are my hero, my life, my everything now you are gone, I have no more reasons to live on earth, without you my life means nothing, I am Finished, I am coming to be with you daddy wait for me, am coming.. Dadddy why, Daddy Noo nooo …
My Dad Michael Chilufya Sata am coming.. Daddddyyyyy whhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyy
— feeling lost in London, United Kingdom.

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