Something not wildlife in Mfuwe

SOME of the products of Tribal Textiles. Picture right, Tribal Textiles production manager Ndisa Chabwera (left) with general manager Kristie Heslop.

GILLIE Lightfoot, an art graduate from England, moved to Zambia to live in the Luangwa Valley, where she founded Tribal Textiles in 1991.
Inspired by the nature and wildlife in Luangwa, she started designing and making textiles while on the banks of a river under a tree.
In no time, she started employing people to help until Tribal Textiles grew into an empire.
Today, Tribal Textiles, situated in South Luangwa, makes its own textile designs by hand, which it exports to more than 20 African countries and has over 100 employees.
“Most of our market is comprised of tourists, they are our biggest buyers. We get a lot of travellers who find interest in our products and end up buying as a souvenir. Our products range from robes, bags, pillowcases to home décor, they all have a contemporary twist or traditional ethnic feel, most of which are inspired by the animals in the Luangwa National Park,” says Tribal Textiles general manager Kristie Heslop.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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