Letter to the Editor

Some councils have failed Zambians

Dear editor,
I WRITE to urge the councils countrywide to help Zambians have decent lives as opposed to what is pertaining currently.
I appeal to the Ministry of Local Government under which councils fall to take an introspective measure to timely inspect and monitor the operations of our councils.
It is unfortunate that this seems not to be happening forcing most councils to go to sleep in the service delivery and revenue generation.
Zambia has so many upcoming townships without social amenities because councils have gone to sleep.
In making these townships have proper documentations it is a prerequisite for occupants to access water and electricity.
To me, this is depriving the councils of the much-needed revenue in rates and utilities companies of growing their customer base.
That is why they are always crying to the Central Government to help them meet salaries and operation costs obligations for the employees when they could have been managing on their own.
With the opening of a lot of township roads by the government, this should be the time for councils to be proactive and go on the ground in their quest for revenue generation than sitting in their offices engaging in social media gossip.
Don’t do Zambians a dis-service.
The Minister of Local Government through the commission vested with running of councils should actually take a keen interest in this matter to help the President.

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