Letter to the Editor

Some cadres defy road traffic rules

Dear editor,
I HAVE observed time and again that some political cadres exhibit high levels of lawlessness by defying road traffic rules.When I mention political cadres I mean those from both the ruling party and the opposition.
Whenever there is a political function, you would see buses ferry political cadres inside and on rooftops, with some of the cadres with their heads protruding out of the windows.
The drivers of these buses tend to drive at very high speed which can result in road accidents.
As if that is not bad enough, these drivers defy the road traffic rules by not stopping at traffic lights for instance. This kind of uncaring attitude by these drivers carrying cadres inconveniences other motorists.
What boggles my mind is that such lawlessness by the political cadres happens in full view of Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) officers without any action being taken.
Last Wednesday I was on a taxi on Church Road near Lusaka Central Police Station when I saw some buses carrying political cadres and some on rooftops chanting party slogans. This was in full view of the police officers.
It is high time RTSA and police officers acted to curb the lawlessness by the cadres who defy road traffic rules with impunity.

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