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Social media: A societal and cultural nuisance: Readers’ views

LAST week I wrote an article discussing how social media has created negative effects on our society and cultural values.

The discussion attracted some interesting reactions from readers. It was about the gentleman who was found having sex with a girl in a car. The issue was on how Zambians have resorted to rushing issues to social media platforms rather than finding solutions to the problems. Below are some of the readers’ views.
Reuben Kapala Munungwe
Nice article Clement. However, perhaps humankind has always been abusive in the way we exploit our inventions. For example, a knife is designed to be used for chopping food, but some people use the utensil to injure or kill others. Doom, which is meant for killing pests, is used by some to commit suicide. Internet, the digital world and social media are no exception. They are hyperbolically abused. People are people, whichever generation you consider them.
Roselyn Mwila
That is so deep. The situation is pathetic, to say the least. Social media can be used for good, but I don’t know why as Zambians we want to abuse it.
People don’t know that they are actually weakening the case. If the man is taken to court, that video was supposed to be the best evidence. If I was his lawyer I would argue for the video to be inadmissible.
Jordan Nkonde
Intellectual thinking. I like the sense of humour displayed in your article. Exploitation of social media must be put to a halt. During our upbringing, our parents were not careless in handling sensitive issues which are considered as a taboo, according to our tradition. Commenting on Mr BAB’s issue, my heart bleeds on the unfortunate circumstances of leaking the video.
I feel for him and the family. I am just wondering if the person who leaked the video containing obscene material has been apprehended. We need such minds bro Clement. Let us continue to speak out in order to bring restoration in our beloved nation.
Able Jonns
Nice write-up…for sure social media is being abused and our culture has been ignored in most homes.
Muyaka Ngulube
About time we spoke about the negative impact social media is having on society. Well done Clement.
Juliet Kaimbi
Excellent talk. Social media in Zambia is bringing shame to our country. Can you imagine a situation whereby someone from the UK hears it faster than us here in Zambia? My friend was just telling me that Zambia has become a laughing country in the UK because of what is happening on social media. Let’s learn to use social media for good intentions, please.
Catherine Mumba
Excellent piece, Mr Sinyangwe. Very insightful. We have really thrown away our cultural values.
Ireen Kasolo
It’s a sad situation…I hope it’s not a cop who got that video and made it viral because they are supposed to be arresting people who circulate such videos. It looks like we have a lot to learn.
Musonda Nswaswa
My friend, my brother, I concur with you, but to cut the story short, we need Christ to rule in our lives.
Dick Constantine
Good article. Looks like we’re not ready for such technologies or rather their best uses. A deliberate exercise to sensitise users would be in order as a first step. Laws to govern usage would be good too. However, there’s need to be extremely careful in the formulation of these laws.
From the readers’ reactions, it is obviously clear that Zambians still respect their cultural values. We urgently need measures to help address such challenges.
Last week, I saw a toll-free line for the Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) calling upon the public to report any form of cyberbullying simply by dialling 7070. I’m sure our able ICT regulatory body has had much of this social media drama and wants sanity to be restored.
Frankly speaking, social media can be used to our benefit. Last year, my students of ethics in computing created a WhatsApp group meant to communicate on school-related issues only. We set rules for this group and I thank God no joke was sent to that group, but only very educative discussions. I assured them that I would exit the group if they don’t adhere to the rules.
Students and professionals can take advantage of these platforms and use them to their benefit. Social media is a tool that can help turn around the education sector in Zambia if utilised well. Please, be a good citizen and use this technology responsibly, or else ZICTA will visit you.
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