Smuggling curbed at Kasumbalesa

CHILILABOMBWE district commissioner Paul Mulenga says the smuggling of maize and mealie meal at Kasumbalesa border with the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has significantly reduced following stringent measures put in place by Government.

Speaking in an interview in Ndola, Mr Mulenga said smuggling, which involved mealie meal and other commodities, has largely been controlled.
“Smuggling has reduced and officers from Zambia Police and Zambia National Service, who were deployed to control the situation, have since been removed from the premises,” he said.
Mr Mulenga, however, said there is need to come up with other measures that will balance cross-border trading at the border point.
He said more traders from DRC use the border point than Zambians.
And Mr Mulenga has pledged to work hard and ensure that key challenges encountered in the district, especially at Kasumbalesa border point, are resolved as quickly as possible.
He cited land issues such as the removal of containers placed on undesignated points and on the roadside leading to the border point.
Mr Mulenga said the traders will soon be informed on the need to move 10 metres away from the main road as stipulated by law.
Last year and early this year, the border point recorded rampant smuggling which prompted the government to deploy police and ZNS officers who sealed the routes the smugglers had been using.
However, some of the traders created new routes in Sakania, Mufulira and Maria Chimona border areas.


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