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Smear campaign against President Lungu won’t succeed

Dear editor,
MY COMMENT is on the citizenship of President Edgar Lungu.
Recently some politicians who have outlived their usefulness and also other misinformed people including some chiefs have embarked on a smear campaign aimed at harming the integrity of President Lungu by maliciously alleging that he is not a Zambian.
This falsehood must be ignored and given maximum contempt it deserves from all well-meaning Zambians. There are many of us, including prominent people in our society and the Law Association of Zambia who can testify that President Lungu is a true Zambian. The Nsenga Royal Establishment in Eastern Province has even affirmed this view about the President being Zambian.
I for one spent my childhood in Chimwemwe compound in Kitwe and attended secondary school at Mukuba Secondary School with President Lungu. He attended primary school at Ishuko in Chimwemwe and proceeded to Mukuba Secondary School where he left in 1976 to go and further his education at the University of Zambia. He graduated as a lawyer that most Zambians know.
When President Lungu visited Mukuba school he was well received and presented with records that included lists of names of people who had been his classmates. Footage of the visit was adequately aired on the national TV. Genuine media houses like the Daily Mail and ZNBC reported this presidential visit to Mukuba Secondary School and can still present file reports on it if needed.
President Lungu is 100 percent Zambian. No amount of malicious smear campaign against his presidency will succeed.