Small-scale farmer’s view on E-voucher

FARMERS in a maize field.

THE National Union for Small Scale Farmers in Zambia (NUSFAZ) says the inconsistencies in the implementation of the electronic (e) voucher are likely to have a negative effect on private sector investments.
NUSFAZ says the e-voucher is a significant programme that is good for public finances.
The union says that research conducted by the Indaba Agricultural Policy Research Institute (IAPRI) shows that the e-voucher card system is a more cost-effective way of subsidising agricultural inputs as the costs of distributing and buying is covered by the private sector.
In a statement last week, NUSFAZ said the calculations by IAPRI and Zambia National Farmers’ Union suggest that the cost per farmer for the e-voucher is at least 15 percent less than the Farmers Input Support Programme (FISP) of about K1,700 compared to K2,000.
“If, Government continues to support one million farmers, the e-voucher card system would save US$30million annually and

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