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Small audience turns up for Jericho Walls

POOR publicity of Jericho Walls, a heart-breaking play by Mufulira Arts Council, resulted into a handful of revellers turning up for the show at Chingola Arts Society last Friday.
A love triangle which has so far won accolades on the Copperbelt, Jericho Walls ends in tragedy after a girl, who is the main character, confesses that she was impregnated by her uncle, not the priest as earlier believed.
After her confession, the girl commits suicide in the priest’s house where her uncle took her for alleged damage of virginity.
The uncle also confesses to the abominable act after his niece.
The play is full of hilarious scenes which kept the sizeable audience laughing. But towards the end, the play leaves spectators with teary eyes  after the girl’s demise.
The cast team argues that Jericho Walls is a must watch play and Mufulira Arts Council is set to market the drama show in other towns, including the capital, Lusaka.
Former Mufulira mayor Thomson Ngulube travelled to Chingola to watch the play and give moral support to the youthful cast crew.
The eight-man play was written by Jonathan Simpemba who says the story depicts  real life happenings in society.
“I thought of depicting what is currently happening in our society,” Simpemba said as the play came to an end.
Jericho Walls was directed by Godfrey Chitamba and produced by John Kapesa who selected a youthful cast to dare the stage and shocase their acting skills.
On the poor attendance, Chingola Arts Society chairman Evans Kalandanya heaped the blame on Mufulira Arts Society for poorly marketing the play.
Kalandanya said it’s the responsibility of the visiting group not the hosts, to publicise the event and place adverts around town.
“We only charge for the auditorium and that is K500.We were wondering why the advertisement was done on radio alone without making use of bill boards,” he said.
Kapesa accepted that the show was poorly advertised and promised that the crew will do better next time.

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