Letter to the Editor

Slow road progress worrying

Dear editor,
THE rainy season is just weeks away, yet there is little progress on the upgrading of the much-talked-about Musaila-Lubwe-Kasaba road to bituminous standard (tarmac).

What is the main reason for this lack of progress on a project whose contract was signed in 2013 even when the government has been releasing resources?
It is four years now and there is almost no progress! All we have been seeing are sporadic works by small knots of workers here and there using hand tools.
When will the Ng’umbo people (Abena Ng’umbo) celebrate like their brothers and sisters in other parts of the province like Mansa, Samfya Boma, Chipili and Kawambwa where similar projects have been completed?
It baffles one’s mind why the other road projects in the province have been completed on time while there is little activity on our road.
This road is a lifeline for the people of Chifunabuli Constituency and part of Luwingu district in Northern Province, which is why we are wondering why it should take a decade to complete.
Even the two new projects, the Kashikishi-Lunchinda and Kawambwa-Chimpempe-Mporokoso roads will be completed while the Musaila-Lubwe-Kasaba road continues moving at a snail’s pace.
We are tired of waiting.
The contractor should realise that this is a highly political road which serves as the bargaining chip in almost all the elections in this constituency.

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