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Sinozoncha to open $2m mine in Petauke

SINOZONCHA Resources Investment Company Zambia Limited (SRICZL) will invest US$2 million in a large-scale copper mine in Petauke.
It is estimated that the mine, which will be located in Petauke’s Sandwe area, will have a production capacity of about 500 metric tonnes of copper ore per day.
The SRICZL said in its environmental impact assessment (EIS) report to the Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) that analysis of the exploration data indicated that an open-pit mine might be viable assuming a resource of good copper percentage.
According to the report obtained by the Daily Mail from ZEMA on Tuesday, the estimated lifespan of the mine is 10 years with a possibility of extension if exploration is carried out and more copper resources are discovered.
The EIA report says the project shall involve open-pit mining of copper, transportation of mined ore for crushing, dumping of overburden material and  dewatering. An access road to the site will be built and existing roads such as Petauke-Sandwe road will be upgraded.
The report says the company was prompted to undertake a project due to the continued increase in demand for copper in the mining industry and production rates in Zambia cannot meet that which is required by the market.
The company’s management is ready to implement the proposed project as soon as ZEMA approves the project.
The implementation of the project will have general improvement in local livelihoods due to synergistic impacts of positive effects of the project such as locals benefiting from supplying of construction materials.
Other benefits are that there will be an increase in revenue to the municipality from land rates, licences and personal levy as well as infrastructure development in Petauke.
On the negative front, there will be demand for labour, influx of people, activity of prostitutes, increased pressure on medical and educational facilities, among others.