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Single mother appeals for help as her child’s needs grow

SURROUNDED by a group of friends from other houses in the yard, Mercy Bwalya, six, is seated at the door.
She cannot walk and venture out to play but her friends within the neighbourhood come to her mother’s house to play with her.
The love shown to her by her friends is heart-warming such that her mother Noreen Musonda has to beg them to clear the way so that she can gain entry into the house.
When she carries her daughter into the house the group of friends follows her wanting to continue playing with Mercy.
Noreen has to beg the children to go and come back later so that she can talk to this reporter.
Even then, one boy only identified as Michale refuses to go, but Noreen lets him be.
Noreen tells this reporter that there is never a day when her house is short of children who come to play with her daughter Mercy.
“It gives me joy to see children from other houses come to play with my daughter. They usually come here because my daughter cannot walk to their houses,” Noreen says.
Mercy, who was born with cerebral palsy, has never walked and she depends on her mother for CLICK TO READ MORE