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Singer Sharon works on a movie

LIKE the Paste magazine put it, horizontal movement within the entertainment industry is indeed pretty common these days with actors becoming directors, directors getting in front of the camera, actors picking up the guitar, musicians deciding to act and more.
In fact, since Bing Crosby, known for his trademark warm bass-baritone voice which made him the best-selling recording artiste of the 20th century, starred in the 1930 film ‘King of Jazz’, many musicians have tried, but of course with varying degrees of success, to bet their musical ability into a side career in film.
Well, there is even the Video Music Awards (VMA).
A woman of many talents, Kabwe-based gospel singer Sharon Machuta has taken her focus off music for a while in order to produce a movie.
Sharon, who has a nine-track gospel album titled ‘Lesa Epo Apita Palamoneka’ to her credit, believes she has what it takes to produce a movie that will be shot at different locations within Kabwe.
Through Sharon Films, she has already conducted auditions for the cast. About 50 actors and actresses were selected during the auditions conducted in February to feature in the film she has titled ‘Independent’.
“About 350 people applied for auditions and we shortlisted 50 and five people will be the main characters,” Sharon told the Weekend Mail.
Sharon, who wrote the script, is the leading character and is also directing the film, says she is currently working on identifying locations where some scenes will be shot when production starts in September this year.
“We have started shooting with Pillar of Stone Studios but serious business will start in September,” she says.
She is hopeful of making a good movie which she will use as a stepping stone for future productions.
However, she is quick to clarify that she has not abandoned music as she just wants to try her other talent.
Well, neither did Frank Sinatra (None But the Brave), Nick Cave (The Cat Piano and The Work of Jonathan Glazer), David Bowie (Scott Walker: 30th Century Man, Passage to Paradise and Magic Hunter), Madonna (Evita, A League of Their Own, Shanghai Surprise and Body of Evidence), Michael Jackson (The Wiz, Captain EO and Men In Black 2), Snoop Dogg (Training Day, Starsky & Hutch and Hood of Horror) abandoned music.

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