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Singer Sekwilasaint pays tribute to KK

DURING his brief encounter with Dr Kenneth Kaunda, Sekwilasaint, like many Zambians have come to learn, realised that a good diet of vegetables and fruits can prolong one’s life.
So in order to appreciate Zambia’s first Republican President’s counsel on living a good health, Sekwilasaint has released a song titled Pala Yaba Kaunda (Kaunda’s bald head).
In a walk-in interview, he said he was truly humbled by Dr Kaunda’s gesture and it was just prudent to respond through a song which has since gone viral.
Recorded at Trixter Studio under the eye of producer Trixter, the song also prods youths to abstain from illicit sex, drug and alcohol abuse as well as foods and substances that could be harmful to their health.
“Our father and grandfather, Dr Kaunda, has led by example and if by the grace of God he attains the age of 100, he will be, probably, the first former African head of state to reach that age,” observed Sekwilasaint, 24.
He is one of the new R&B revelations with something refreshing for his fans.
Although he initially was influenced by those sleek social commentary songs made popular by the likes of Alubusu and Joe Chibangu, today the young artiste is simply up-beat.
Inspired by the ingenious and versatility of another pop/R&B mega star, Lionel Richie, Sekwilasaint came out of the cocoon to embrace music seven years ago.
“I was ever listening to the music of such great artistes as Lionel Richie and gospel music by Don Moen,” he said.
His initial visit to the recording studio was a casual walk into Hyper Records situated in Chilenje South, Lusaka, where he bumped into Winston Moyo.
In 2008, just before he sat for his Grade Nine examinations, Sekwilasaint sneaked into Hyper Record Studio and tried to produce his maiden single.
He produced a love song, Kusanga, amid stiff competition from other R&B artistes such as Wonder Boy and JK.
And through interaction with other artistes Sekwilasaint was introduced to producer Jerry Fingers of Flatline Studio.
His distinctive and defining track titled Nivomele features P-Jay, the artiste who died last December.
“My songs such as Independence, Petticoat (featuring GYK) and Dialled Call (featuring Ray-C) were all recorded with Trixter,” he revealed.

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