Singer Christine sees ‘Grace’


GOSPEL singer Christine is working on her third album titled Grace to be released and officially launched on November 2 at Mulungushi International Conference Centre in Lusaka.
Christine says the album is a product of patience as it has taken her over three years to work on.
“The album Grace is a powerful project that has blessed me individually and everyone who has had a glimpse of it,” she says. “I’m so thankful to God that through this process, he has matured the project.”
Christine says she has decided to release and launch the album at the same time because it has been long overdue and people have been waiting for it after the live recording of the songs last year.
She says the album will come in two volumes because she has a lot of music which cannot fit on one album. But both volumes will be titled Grace.
“Imagine preparing for an album for three years, so that’s why we are going to have two volumes,” Christine says. “They will both be released on the same date, I don’t know yet how many songs will be on each volume because it might vary depending on what the producer will advise but I know they can’t fit in one, so they have to be split.”
The album, which is being produced by Kelvin and Sheka, features Kings Malembe Malembe and Esther Chungu.
She says the album has a lot of maturity and spiritual growth as compared to her previous albums with a mixture of worship, praise and rhumba music.
Christine says the inspiration behind the album is God, who has always been faithful.
“To all my fans who have waited patiently for my third album, it is a life-changing experience, they should be ready to testify,” she says.

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