Sinach: Gospel ministry can create change


AS SHE walked through the VIP lounge at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, acclaimed gospel musician Sinach seemed taken aback to find a whole entourage waiting for her as a very important guest, with tight security and a young girl to present her with flowers.

“Oh my God, this is so wonderful, thank you so much for these beautiful flowers,” she said as she scooped the little girl in her arms and planted a kiss on her.
Sinach then proceeded to chat with Pastor Chomba of Christ Ministry, who was on hand to welcome her, and some of the members of her team ahead of the ‘Way maker tour’ concert slated for National Heroes Stadium in Lusaka and Levy Mwanawasa Stadium in Ndola.
“You have made me feel so welcome and I look forward to spending the rest of this weekend in Zambia,” she said.
As the hosts tried to get her to cruise off in the waiting cars and get some much needed rest, Sinach calmly agreed to take a few selfies with some of the fans, including Zambian gospel celebrity, Ephraim, ‘Son of Africa.’
Encouraged by her calm composure and pleasant personality, journalists asked for a few minutes to chat with her, and she indulged them, without noticing the agitation in her security team who may have wished otherwise.
Clad in a red ‘bubu’ falling right to her toes, with minimal makeup and a few pieces of jewellery on her, Sinach exuted a stately, if not priestly stature.
“I am so happy to be here and looking forward to meeting the Zambians because I have heard so much about this country and how wonderful its people are,” she said.
Sinach was especially happy that she had arrived at a time when the country was going through 40 days of prayer and fasting ahead of the national day of prayer slated for October 18.
“This is very important because it reveals that something wonderful is about to happen in this country, I mean if a whole nation can agree and unite in prayer, then I believe God will open his doors in heaven and shower a special blessing to make something happen,” she said.
And she promised to join in that prayer through her music ministry.
“I cannot say expect this or that to happen, but I believe that it is up to any individual to draw out a blessing as we minister in prayer and music,” she said.
Sinach, who shared a bit of her testimony, said God has a special destiny for every individual.
“I had a very different path of my own, pursuing a degree in physics until I discovered my destiny through the help of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy,” she said.
Sinach said since she discovered her God-given talent, she has written over a 1000 songs.
“I cannot even say which one is my favourite, but I know that a lot of people love ‘Way Maker’, she said.
In Zambia, Way Maker, I know who I am are some of her popular songs.
Sinach promised to encourage others through her music and looked forward to performing with the local artistes.
The Lusaka concert will be opened by performances from Minister Mulilo, Petty and Chanda. Other local artistes expected to perform include Ephraim, Carol Nyimba, Abel Chungu, Peace Preacherz and Kings Malembe Malembe.
Artiste:            SINACH
Born:               Ebonyi State, Nigeria
Nationality:     Nigerian
Full name:      Osinachi Kalu
Spouse:          Joe Egbu
Way Maker
– I Know Who I Am
– Shout It Loud
– He Did It Again
– The name of Jesus
– Great are you Lord
– No other name
– You are so good
– Unchanging God
– I stand amazed
– Loveworld

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