Silverlands Ranch gets $300,000 fund

OVER 20 cattle have been stolen in Katoba village since 2014.

A UNITED Kingdom-based sub-Saharan-focused social impact investor, AgDevCo, has invested US$300,000 in Silverlands Ranching to scale up out-grower support to 8,000 farmers in Zambia.
The money will be disbursed through the Smallholder Development Unit (SDU), which operates alongside AgDevCo’s core activity of providing long-term debt and equity to small and medium enterprises.
In a statement recently, AgDevCo announced that about 58,500 smallholders in Zambia, Ghana, Malawi and Uganda will benefit from out-grower programmes, with farmer incomes set to collectively increase by US$8.8 million per year following the funding.
“The support will be provided through Silverlands Ranching, a Zambian cattle operation, which engages with smallholders by providing cattle dipping services and training in mixed farming, livestock and

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