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Silverlands goes into farming

Maize field farm.

SILVERLANDS Zambia Limited (SZL) is to spend about US$4 million to venture into food production in Serenje.
SZL will be cultivating soya bean, wheat, maize, potatoes and beef.
Under the project, the company will grow crops throughout the year under irrigation and is expected to create about 300 direct jobs.
This is according to the SZL environmental impact statement (EIS) report submitted to the Zambia Environmental Management Agency and obtained by Daily Mail on Friday.
“SZL intends to implement a large agricultural project to undertake within Luwombwa commercial farm block and Serenje as a whole. The project will cover 6,000 hectares and will involve land clearing, tilling and levelling activities,” the EIS reads.
The project is estimated to have a primary crop production of 6,149 tonnes maize, 17,109 tonnes wheat, and 28,262 tonnes soyabeans and will raise 800 cattle.
The report says the implementation will result in overall economic growth and development, as it will contribute to improvement of food security which is in line with national policy to increase crop production diversification and mitigation from a copper dependence economy to agriculture.
The company will focus on installation of processing facilities for various crops grown.
The EIS also says the firm will engage local community through an out-grower scheme to supplement its crop production and to ensure quality crops are grown and it will offer technical support to them in partnership with Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock extension staff.
The project will include the construction of an irrigation system to provide water from Luwombwa River for crop production and cattle rearing.
Other facilities are the construction of the necessary infrastructure such as storage silos, workshops, fuel, chemical storage facilities, offices and houses.

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