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Sibongile wows diners at Winnie’s

THE name is certainly familiar, even if it is not that of the famous South African singer Sibongile Khumalo. But then, what is this Sibongile doing introducing herself as a pastor.
Well, Sibongile Mngoma, though an opera-trained singer, is very much at home singing jazz, classical music and gospel.
But that should not be the reason why she should be introducing herself as a pastor?
Or maybe she should. Her music is certainly soul-healing. You do not have to understand the words because once you hear her music, it has an impact.
This was the case last week on Friday when she performed at Winnie’s Soul and Jazz Restaurant, located on Western Service Road in Wendywood, Johannesburg, Gauteng.
Winnie’s is modelled on the same lines as The Misty Jazz Restaurant on Levy Business Park in Lusaka, offering fine dining and live music. Call it the most exclusive jazz restaurant.
For the journalists who trooped into Johannesburg last week to cover the official launch of the 2014 Big Brother Africa Hotshots, they could not have asked for a better place to have dinner from than Winnie’s.
In any case, other than taking music seriously, it offers some succulent meals and an intimate environment over a glass of wine or whisky.
Sibongile was the perfect musician for the night.
The Soweto-born performer prides herself on being able to do all forms of music. It is easy to understand though why people label her an opera singer – she paid for her opera studies by singing jazz in the clubs.
But at Winnie’s, it was jazz, and her unique interpretations of the music, that was under spotlight.
And boy, who was not impressed with what she dished out.
The pastor certainly brought healing to the diners at Winnie’s.

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