Letter to the Editor

Shunning independence celebrations

Dear editor,
IT IS extremely unacceptable and disappointing that the UPND and other political parties shunned this year’s independence anniversary celebrations. It is a sign that other political leaders don’t put the interest of Zambia first but their own.
This is a day that will stand the test of time. It is a day that should remind us as a country where we are coming from.
It is a day of reflecting where we have gone wrong as a country and see how best we can move forward. It is a day to remember and thank the people who rose to the challenge against the repression and suppression that we were subjected to by the British. We would not have been enjoying these rights and freedoms we have today if it wasn’t for the gallant men and women who fought for what was right.
It is a day when we are supposed to thank God for the peace and unity we have enjoyed and subsequently embraced.
Regardless of our ethnic, religious and political affiliations, we all ought to embrace this day. Such unnationalistic tendencies exhibited by some political party leaders should neither be tolerated nor entertained. Such actions have the capacity to cause divisions in the country.
Let us all guard the peace and unity we have enjoyed as a country jealously, and we should not allow ourselves to succumb to the decisions made by these political leaders to shun such a day because we happen to be coming from the same association.

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