Shreeji to distribute Fujitsu kits

SHREEJI Investment Limited has been appointed the sole distributor of Fujitsu products in Zambia.
Shreeji will be distributing products of Fujitsu United Kingdom.
Shreeji and Fujitsu UK recently announced the Zambian distributorship.
Shreeji director Shivkumar Vaidyanathan said at the launch that the licence to distribute Fujitsu products will entail that Zambians will have access to quality scanners and other products.
Dr Vaidyanathan said Shreeji has been diversifying into other technologies and the expansion exercise has created employment for Zambians.
Shreeji Investment, which has 80 workers, plans to train 30 University of Zambia students in software development to create a supply division.
Shreeji began in 2000 as a provider of technological services. It has now expanded to provide comprehensive multimedia and advertising services, which operates under its Lazer Digital division.
Fujistu country manager Adrian Cafferkey said that the information technology (IT) equipment and services company has experienced enormous development, and that it would continue to invest in Zambia through authorised distributors.
Mr Cafferkey said the Zambians have confidence in Fujistu products and that recently there has been an increase in enquiries on their services.
“We are seeing significant increases in enquiries on our products through our Government organisations and departments, through our banking organisations and through our Addis Ababa office. We see Zambia as an enormously exciting prospect for business,” he said.
Fujitsu will now be operating in Zambia through Shreeji Investments.
He said with the right strategic partner, Fujitsu will continue expanding to other parts of the sub-Saharan Africa through partnerships with distributors.
Fujitsu is the world’s third-largest IT service provider – measured by revenue – after IBM and HP.

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