Showgoers revel in musical performances

PART of the crowd enjoying the musical performances at the band stand in the Lusaka Showgrounds over the weekend.

THE showgoers were spoilt for choice.
Amayenge Asoza, Dalisoul, Muvi Posse, Sista D, Suwilanji, Chester, Green Labels, Peace Preacherz, Tikuza, Mweshi Mulusa and Mutende Cultural Ensemble were all performing.

Yet, that is not all.
Malawi’s Skeffa Chimoto and Congolese entertainer Ferre Gola were also at the Zambia Agriculture and Commercial Show in the Lusaka Showgrounds to entertain the thousands of showgoers.
Of course for most people, the talking points are the performances by Ferre Gola and Skeffa Chimoto, who before his performance in the Lusaka Showgrounds, squeezed in a performance at G-Greens III, formerly The Frog on Kabelenga Road.
But for those that love a spectacle in its purest form, they will have to point to the dances that were showcased by the various dance troupes in the main arena as the highlight of the show.
Surely, President Lungu and his South African counterpart Jacob Zuma must have enjoyed every bit of that cultural spectacle.
A man of tradition, President Zuma must have been at home watching that. Or perhaps he would have loved that kind of performance after his narrow victory in the South African Parliament on Tuesday where he was fighting a vote of no confidence.
Anyhow, the splendid cultural panorama started around 15:30 hours after Zuma officially opened the show.
Clad in traditional attire representing various ethnic groups, throngs of men, women and children ran into the centre of the main arena leaving the audience in awe.  
Cultural dance troupes from the North-Western, Western and Eastern provinces showcased various traditional dances much to the amusement of the showgoers most of whom captured the affair on their smart phones.
The dance troupes were simply smart.
Among the impressive early performances included Kanaye, Amaombe and the comic Fwemba dance of Eastern Province which depicts military officers who took part in the first and second world wars.
Cherished and sacred to the hearts of the Chewa people of Malawi and Zambia, the Gule Wamkulu dance was also in the mix while the Chota dance troupe also showcased various dances from the North-Western Province.
There were more; dance troupes from Burundi, Botswana and Zimbabwe also showed off their rich cultural heritage as the Zambian and South African flags flew side by side under the cool sunny weather.
The climax of it all was perhaps when a group of over 300 majorettes clad in white and cream swarmed the main arena as they professionally choreographed the letters “ECL” for Edgar Chagwa Lungu.
The crowd went wild when a trio stepped out of the group and did the bend over dance.
There was more at the show; on the other side, Ferre Gola was yet to perform at the band stand.


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