Show-goers urged to be alert

COMPETITION and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) has advised consumers to be alert and report all elements of unfair trading practices which might be noticed during this year’s Zambia Agricultural and Commercial Show.
And the Agricultural and Commercial Society of Zambia (ACSZ) says about 300,000 people, compared to last year’s 230,000, are expected to attend the 2016 show that started yesterday and will be entertained by Congolese musician Werasson, who has replaced Koffi Olomide.
CCPC public relations officer Hanford Chaaba said members of the public visiting the show need to be alert because some traders take advantage of this period to exhibit and later offload for sale products or services which do not meet the minimum requirement in terms of their intended purpose.
“Some traders will opt to sell expired products, products not properly labelled, or even labelled in languages that are foreign other than English or any Zambian local language,” he said.
ACSZ president Ben Shoko said the 90th show being held under the theme ‘Managing environment for growth’ has various activities lined up to cater for both commercial, agricultural and entertainment interests of people.
“We want this one [90th show] to be unique, hence hosting some programmes that have not been held in a long time, we have a bio-security exhibitors from Botswana, who will showcase how they have handled their livestock sector.
“We also have a circus group from Egypt and the Brazilians, who will showcase and demonstrate the Penergetic natural bio-technology of producing fertilisers, so we expect a huge turnout of people compared to last year’s,” he said.
Mr Shoko said that all sectors of the economy will be represented.
“We expect an increased turnout of both local and foreign exhibitors, and this will greatly contribute to the growth of the country’s economy,” he said.
Mr Shoko also disclosed that Werrason has replaced Koffi Olomide and will perform this Friday night at Mulungushi International Conference Centre and will also entertain people at the show to be supported by 12 local artists.
“The tickets already purchased are valid. We further encourage people to buy tickets in advance to avoid delayed entry on the day of the show,” he said.

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