Shoprite now stocks more Zambian products

SHOPRITE is sourcing 75 percent of its stocks from Zambia because local suppliers are producing goods of high standards.
Shoprite Zambia general manager Charles Bota said in response to a press query that improved quality of local products is helping the local industry to grow and, therefore, sustain jobs.
Mr Bota said Shoprite is also assisting local suppliers to export some crops and processed meat products to countries where the chain store has presence.
Mr Bota cited watermelons, mangoes, sweet potatoes, peppers and sweet corn as some of the produce whose production can be increased with support from Shoprite. He also said Zambia has the potential to breed more quails.
Mr Bota said Shoprite is also helping local manufactures to export peanut butter, honey and other products to its stores outside Zambia so that local suppliers do not have to worry about permit applications and requirements.
He said when Shoprite opened its first outlet in October 1995, 90 percent of the total products were imported because there were no suppliers or proper industries of international standards.
“The company began intensive sensitisation, training and partnership with local companies to turn this around. 20 years later, we now buy about 75 percent of total business locally,” Mr Bota said.
Mr Bota said Shoprite is committed to ensure that Zambian suppliers are supported to complement Government’s efforts of boosting the local manufacturers.
“In spite of the harsh economic climate, Shoprite is optimistic that Government’s plans will help change the current situation,” he said.

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